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The India BirdRaces

The Bank has always played an active environmental role in India, working closely with the community and our employees to protect the living environment and to conserve natural resources. Recently, the Bank made strong commitment to tackling climate change by committing to go carbon neutral by 2006.

HSBC has set targets for environmental performance improvements in greenhouse gas emissions, water usage and the recycling of waste materials.

The BirdRace has not only been made an annual event in Mumbai but it has also spread to other metros in India. From this season, several other Corporates have partnered with this popular event, and include ONGC, Nihilent Technologies, Artoreal and Tata Chemicals. We also have the support of Facilitating Partners in UWM and PAWS.

The event is a wonderful platform to get bird-watchers together - absolute beginners to experienced birders to get on a team and spot as many species as possible. a platform for the uninitiated and the beginner to get on a team with an experienced Team Captain and bird-watch, spot as many species as possible but above all, enjoy the birds and lend some useful information to a region's avifauna.

The Mumbai BirdRace event has helped create an unprecedented interest in the regionís birdlife and several of those who participated have not only blossomed into ardent birders but have also blossomed into ardent conservationists as well.


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