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The India BirdRaces

The India BirdRaces, supported by HSBC, have become the largest and most popular birdwatching activity across the country. For the current season (January - March 2022), the event will be held in 12 cities across India.

Facilitating Partner

Coordination & Concept

NEW FOR THIS SEASON Participants and/or Participating Teams that wish to take part in a half day bird-watching on the occasion of the BirdRace Day are welcome to do so. They can intimate about the same when registering. Half Day Participation means you can bird-watch from dawn to about 1 pm.

Perfect also for those wishing for a little break and a rest before coming together for the evening's get-together over dinner.

All participants MUST BE DOUBLE VACCINATED (i.e. - must have taken both doses of covid vaccine)

The following is the India BirdRaces schedule for the
January - March 2022 season.

Kerala BirdRace

Thiruvananthapuram BirdRace was
already carried out in Mid-December 2021

Ahmedabad BirdRace

(Expanded this season to a pan-Gujarat BirdRace)

23 January, 2022
Birdrace Coordinator
Bird Conservation Society of Gujarat

article 01 | article 02 | eBird Report of Gujarat Bird Race

Bengaluru BirdRace

13 February, 2022

Hyderabad BirdRace

13 February, 2022

Chandigarh BirdRace

20 February, 2022

Mumbai BirdRace

20 February, 2022

Jodhpur BirdRace

27 February, 2022

Chennai BirdRace

27 February, 2022

Jaipur BirdRace

6 March, 2022

Coimbatore BirdRace

6 March, 2022

Kerala multi-cities BirdRace

6 or 13 March, 2022

Dates for Delhi, Goa & Lucknow
Birdraces yet to be announced


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