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The India BirdRaces

The India BirdRaces, supported by HSBC, are the largest and most popular bird-watching activity across the country. For the current season (November 2022 - March 2023), the event will be held in at least 12, and possibly up to 14 cities across India.

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Coordination & Concept

NEW FOR THIS SEASON Participants and/or Participating Teams that wish to take part in a half day bird-watching on the occasion of the BirdRace Day are welcome to do so. They can intimate about the same when registering. Half Day Participation means you can bird-watch from dawn to about 1 pm.

Perfect also for those wishing for a little break and a rest before coming together for the evening's get-together over dinner.

All participants MUST BE DOUBLE VACCINATED (i.e. - must have taken both doses of covid vaccine)

The following is the India BirdRaces schedule for the
November 2022 - March 2023 season.

Kerala BirdRace


13 November, 2022

Jaipur BirdRace

18 December, 2022

Ahmedabad BirdRace

(Expanded this season to a pan-Gujarat BirdRace)

8 January, 2023
Birdrace Coordinator
Bird Conservation Society of Gujarat

article 01 | article 02 | eBird Report of Gujarat Bird Race

Coimbatore BirdRace

8 January, 2023

Bengaluru BirdRace

15 January, 2023

Lucknow BirdRace

22 January, 2023

Chennai BirdRace

28 January, 2023

Mumbai BirdRace

5 February, 2023

Goa BirdRace

19 February, 2023

Hyderabad BirdRace

26 February, 2023

Jodhpur BirdRace

12 March, 2023

Dates for Chandigarh
Birdraces yet to be announced


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